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The Wind of Change blows through Hungary and with help of great visionary and structural thinking Workplus was established.

Workplus is a human capital solutions related firm that believes engaged, inspired employees build great companies – and successful teams are built by leaders that inspire.

That’s what we do what believe in and standing for

We support

leaders to define their vision and find the path to reach  their future success.

We deliver

people-centric solutions to our partners, which can  help develop and strengthen any organization’s efficient and powerful operation.

We believe

company culture is a very  important factor that fundamentally affects a company's success.

We work with

Creative teams to add more inspiration, purpose also value for every single individual who works with us, turning every days – into special days.
With the right strategies and exercises, we build stronger companies.

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Workplus Human Capital Solution

Workplus Human Capital Solution
Workplus Locations: Budapest, London, Philadelphia

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About Us

“Working People“ is the biggest value in a company – that is our experience gained from 30 years and 1000’s of projects we’ve been involved in.
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