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Aniko Toth

Career in a nutshell

I work as a consultant for Workplus since the spring of 2008, then became senior consultant, and from 2010 business unit director.

Bachelor of Arts degree. I studied and worked abroad, have extensive experience in the field of HR, both in private and multinational corporate cultures. As HR manager, I have experience in FMCG and logistics, as well as in the energy sector. I worked on evolving processes and systems, developing organizations and on further development of operating systems.

Some facts about Anikó

Childhood ambitions

novelist, archaeologist, lawyer, zoologist, marine biologist

My favourite Workplus service

Finding the ‘right one’ – a professional or even the best solution or alternative. I am always looking for candidates for who can be the most optimal for the particular company and the job, are with maximum motivation, and thus will be able to bring out the most of themselves, so they can provide the most/best for the company.

What I enjoy the most related to my job?

Challenging tasks and success inspires me. In my work striving for the best solutions and intensity characterize me. The continuous improvement of quality, reliability and fairness, mutual respect are important values for me. As a consultant - in accordance based on a thorough assessment of our partners’ needs - I work quickly, flexibly, efficiently and with the high standards. The suitability verification rate of my candidates are extremely high.


Ayurveda as the science of life, a holistic approach, the creation and preservation of the body-mind-spirit harmony, the maintenance of health, the prevention of pathological conditions (by appropriate body type diet, lifestyle, balancing and healing therapies). Yoga, meditation, spiritual development and healing. Flowers, gardening, sports, hiking, water (sea, rivers), mountains. Different national cultures, learning about traditions, culinary delights, travel.
What few people know about me: over 20 years I have been dealing with the mind-body-spirit health preservation, especially with Ayurveda, but with other alternative, holistic therapies and procedures as well. I speak Dutch, although unfortunately not often have the opportunity to use this language.


English, Dutch

Aniko Toth

Business unit director (International selection)

+36 20 942 1464
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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