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Balázs Kollár

Career in a nutshell

I’ve been part of the Workplus team since 2019. My studies take place at Pázmány Pélter Catholic University, I’m on full speed heading to get my master’s degree of Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology specialization. I’ve participated in the organizational process of several camps for children, so teambuilding and leading trainings have a really special place in my heart.

Some facts about Balázs

Childhood ambitions

Vet, chef, actor. In the end I realized: there is nothing more fascinating and beautiful material than the human soul and mind!

What I enjoy most related to my job

Feels fantastic to be the part of a dynamic team and we manage to synchronize, as our joint work ends in letting clients on their new journey at a new workplace, satisfied with the position they achieved by our company.


Besides the university and Workplus, I’m part of a really special world: I’ve been a dancer in a contemporary dance troupe called Motus Mozgásszínházi Egyesület for 7 years so far. Over and above, social life is really important for me, I’m a real enthusiast of social events offered by the university – sometimes I take the role of the organizer! Spending time with my friends and being the Jolly Joker of our group gives me the best feeling ever.

What few people know about me

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a dad. So for practicing and for being able to prepare responsibly for fatherhood, I asked for a Baby Born doll for Christmas.

Balázs Kollár

Junior Consultant

+36 20 459 2707
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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