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Workplus’s main objective is to provide solutions for the clients focusing on  searching for the best local or international professionals that can fit into our customers’ needs. Workplus major value is the deep knowledge and understanding of the client’s company culture, position and requirement, therefore the market of the country. This almost 30 years experience makes our processing quick, professional and efficient.

Quality Value


Selection process

One of the most important steps is to get on the same page with the client, form and finalize the requirement of the position, beside pay attention of the market conditions.

Why select us?

  • Workplus can find the appropriate candidate from the local or the global market, depends on the client interest.
  • Workplus is used to deal with projects that require multiple vacancies to be filled, even if they are from different sectors or need different language skills, or educational background.
  • Workplus has almost 30 years international experience in finding and recruiting specialists for sectors like IT, industrial, sales, finance etc. just to mention a few.

Through innovative solutions Workplus provides high impact on client core business with personalised and high quality service. We help companies succeed on a globalised and competitive market by recruiting the most talented professionals available.

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Workplus Human Capital Solution

Workplus Human Capital Solution
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About Us

“Working People“ is the biggest value in a company – that is our experience gained from 30 years and 1000’s of projects we’ve been involved in.
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