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Krisztina Varga

Career Highlights

An energetic, results-oriented senior business leader and HR executive pursuing continuous improvement by inspiring, empowering and connecting with others. 30+years’ experience in change management, talent management, leadership development, succession planning, performance management & strategic planning.

Krisztina's passion is coaching. She partners with people by guiding them to reach their full potential in both their personal and professional lives. She does this by helping individuals find what brings them joy so that: their work does not feel like work, they are able to contribute and add value.

Krisztina works with senior leaders to improve their: self-awareness, ability to provide feedback & acknowledgement to their teams, support creative self-reflection and confidence. She inspires them to create space where people are engaged, able to demonstrate their potential & provide input on how the organization is run. Also helps to create tools to reach full communication and involvement.

By partnering with senior executive teams to identify/deliver business-focused HR solutions to meet business strategies in a dynamic company environment, Krisztina and Team Workplus has  supported the transformation of countless (company)team synergies by streamlining & standardizing HR processes, one on one and team coaching, organizational development and social integration processes.

Krisztina has worked for a number of exceptional organizations and held several senior corporate Consultant Roles roles including Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, TWH, Borg Wagner, Keyence or Samsung.

She holds a Senior Practitioner Certificate in Executive Coaching from EMCC & ICF, an MBA from the ME, and a bachelor’s degree of Teacher for Children with Special Needs from the HTSE-U.

In few words about Krisztina

Childhood ambitions

Tour Guide, Historian, Chemist
Working in service industry for 30+ years originates from all the empathy and love for people in a need – what she felt since being a little child.
Caring for others was always on her mind since she can remember.

What do I enjoy the most in my work?

Krisztina designs and facilitates leadership development programs and modules to help leaders understand how to lead self, lead team and lead organization. She finds C-Level development most exciting and rewarding, as changing leadership processes and methods require both great problem solving and strategic skills. Krisztina uses an interactive approach that includes best practices, hands-on exampling, and behavioral self-reflection to identify and build awareness of individual accountability and actions for leadership excellence.


Ski, Running, Sailing, Cycling, Golf.
Theater, Movies, Meeting Interesting People Spontaneously, Travel While Learning About New Cultures, Books.

Only few people knew about me

Before I established Workplus in 1989, I was an educator for children with special needs. I used to organize and run competitions also participated at international competitions as Support Group Leader. Even before that, as a teenager - she thought kids with hydrophobia (for 6 years) how to swim. She believes those years gave her a solid foundation to that person, who she can be today.


English, Hungarian

More about me:     krisztina4steps.com

Krisztina Varga

Owner, CEO, SPP Senior Practitioner Coach (EMCC), Team Coach (ICF, EMCC)

+36 20 9 414-614
+1 717 475 9414
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More about me: krisztina4steps.com

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