Sailing Team-Building Training

Tailor Made Team Building and Management Trainings on Sailboat

During the program the Sailboat is the site of the training and in the same time it is a territory and also a place to fulfill the daily activities. The outgrowing corralled situation is an experience and an unusual observation in the same time, which is highly intensifying, how dependent the participants they are from each others.

There is a kind of shock experience at the beginning, but later the calm environment and the beauty of the nature will bring an exceptional open frankness for the participants towards their role in the group and towards their companion.

The Program

It is possible to play in a real historical situation or to create a situation, which is revealing for the company. The participants have to answer a certain cooperative task with particular tools in unfamiliar environment. In order to be efficient, they have to mobilize and use their present toolkit, purposefulness, and skills for cooperation.

Leadership skills as strategy and decision making, time management, delegation, communication and cooperation etc
Situation depending leadership
Resupply of new generation of leaders
Challenge for the sales tea

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