Team Building in a Theater – Special Experience Training

The core of the training: the team forms a theatre company for one day.

We occupy a small downtown theater – the goal is to create a complete performance from morning till the evening.

The creation of a performance – as a common goal – needs serious coordination, cooperation, and communication; there is no show without trust among participants and support of each other.

During the day the participants create a 30-40 minute long performance of 4-5 acts (scenes), the show will start at 8 pm for audience invited by participants. After the show there is a banquette for the participants and for their guests.

The whole day is followed up by a photographer; also a video recording is made of the final performance. All participants will get it those two weeks later in a feedback meeting.

The theatrical buffet is open during the day – does anyone need more?

To use for a different topic, without the fullness:

  • Leadership skills
  • Project management
  • Presentation, sales skills
  • Resupply of new generation of leaders
  • Team building

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